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gabrielle quotes

Gabrielle quotes
You know, There are two kinds of tears.
Tears for those who leave you, and tears for those who never let go.

Xena, above all, remember your destiny.
Remember it and figth. Figth to come back.
This world needs you. I need you.

Xena, life is eternal.
It has no beginning and no end.
The loving friends we meet on our journey return to us, time after time.
We never die, because we were never really born.
I wanted to betray her.
I gave her everything and it ment nothing to her.
I hated her for loving someone else.
I wanted her to hurt.
I wanted her to be punished.
And I almost got her killed.
Why, my hatred and jealousy almost destroyed my best friend.

The Battling Bard of Potedia. Over the years, Gabrielle has dished out some pretty intelligent advice. Read further to see some of Gabrielle's wisdom.

'Why is it man can solve the riddle of the Sphinx, but he can't make a decent road map? I don't know'
'Don't judge a scroll by its paper'

Get your hand off my butt.

Can we cook with your juices?

Im here, because I want to be here. I love you, Xena.

I would have told her-- how empty my life was before she came; and all the lessons I learned; and that I love her.

Ephiny, we cant give up. Dont you see that? Autolycus, can you get us out of this jail?

"Any path is OK, Xena-- as long as it's with you."

There's a moment when I look at you

And no speech is left in me.

My tongue breaks.

Then fire races under my skin and I tremble.

And grow pale for I am dying of such love

Or so it seems to me.

It's beautiful. This is the best birthday present I have ever had."

You know what. We set up a perfectly good plan, and then you change it at the last minute.

I was wondering what that was-- hmm.

"Xena-- you've brought out the best in me. Before I met you-- no one saw me for who I was. I felt-- invisible. But you saw all the things that I could be. You saved me, Xena."

"Xena and I have a connection. It's stronger than either one of us. We're soul mates."