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  • hatedead.wav-[48kb] "I hate the dead! You can't take vengeance on 'em."
  • sob.wav-[61kb] "Son of a bacchae!"
  • crazy.wav-[95kb] "I'm crazy! I'm not stupid!"
  • fish.wav-[71kb] Gabby and Xena: "Well fought friend..."
  • mission.wav-[76kb] Xena to Minya: "Hey lady, we're on a mission!"
  • try.wav-[89kb] "Just you try and stop me!"
  • bitch.wav- [53.8kb] "Well, ain't love a bitch!"
  • getme.wav- [19.8kb] "Come and get me!"
  • onewom.wav- [17.4kb] "Is one woman too much for you?"
  • wrong.wav- [24.7kb]  "You picked the wrong woman to get rough with!"
  • pain.wav- [139kb] "This love stuff is a real pain!"
  • xenayell.wav- [70kb] This is a wave of Xena's famous yell.
  • echocry.wav- [68.3kb] This is another of Xena's yell, with an echo.
  • skills.wav -[75.9kb] This is Xena saying: "I have many skills."
  • village.wav -"Take the village!"
  • evilspot.wav -[98.7kb] "C'mon, we've all got that..." (find out!).
  • traitors.wav -[33.7kb] Xena as Princess D: "Death to...(find out!).
  • soap.wav - [96.9kb] Xena, Gabby and soap!
  • talknow.wav -[75.4kb] "We talk now!"
  • letsgo.wav -[36.9kb] "Lets go!"
  • goody.wav -[96.9kb] Xena as Princess Diana saying "Oh...goody!"
  • mad.wav - [29.6kb] Don't make Xena mad!
  • getoffit.wav- [46kb] Xena telling Gabby to get off the pan subject!
  • teeyah.wav- [77kb] One of Xena's yell.
  • deadinsec.wav- [110kb] The famous "dead in seconds" line!
  • scum.wav- [144kb] "You're not only're dreamers!"
  • aiyah.wav-[125kb] Yet another Xena yell. Don't you just love them?
  • friendsh.wav-[120kb] "For me our friendship binds us closer than blood ever could."
  • been.wav - [161kb] Gabby & Xena in BTDT!


  • promise.wav - [124kb] To Xena: "No look! You promise me! If something happens to me, you will not become a monster!
  • grabbed.wav - [65kb] "I have been grabbed more times than the golden fleece."
  • shine.wav - [154kb] "I'll rise. But I refuse to shine!"
  • fish.wav-[71kb] Gabby and Xena: "Well fought friend..."
  • siton.wav-[33kb] "Sit on this!"
  • judge.wav- [43.4kb] "Don't judge a scroll by it's paper."
  • whack.wav- [54.4kb] Gabby learning to use the staff. WHACK! on the forehead! 
  • princess.wav- [51.9kb] "I'm and amazon princess, you can't deny me."
  • forehead.wav - [45kb] Virgins only! "What!? Is it written on my forehead!?"
  • polite.wav - [68kb] "Troubled is a polite word for what I am!"
  • butt.wav- [10.8] "Get your hand off my butt."
  • insane.wav - [99kb] To Xena: "I know what the plan're trying to drive me insane!"
  • backoff.wav- [27.7kb] "Back off! I'm warning you!"
  • scrolls.wav - [96.6kb] "You used my scrolls?!!!"
  • kite.wav- [83kb] "You're flying parchment's stuck in a tree."
  • deluded.wav - [26.7kb] "you're not only obnoxious, you're deluded!"


  • bath.wav - [43.1kb] "Such a pretty day for a blood bath!"
  • dreams.wav - [131kb] "Dreams are the fine line between the real world and the underworld."
  • fool.wav - [182kb] To Xena: "As a villain, you were awesome. As a hero, you're a sentimental fool."
  • trick.wav - [276kb] Hear Callisto's view on love!


  • enemy.wav - [70kb] "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
  • itsjoxer.wav - [179kb] "It's Joxer! Not Jerkster! Joxer!"
  • mutual.wav - [29kb] "Look! I've known lots of people who've bonded over their mutual hatred of me!"


  • notxena.wav -[97kb] Princess Diana as Xena..."And now you..."
  • round.wav -[58kb] Princess Diana and her round killing thing.


  • sword.wav- [121kb] My favorite line! (LOL)
  • holy.wav - [71kb] "I am the holy woman!"
  • eunich.wav - [34kb] "When I want a eunich, I'll ask for ya!"
  • virginme.wav - [36kb] "How could I make trouble!? I'm a virgin!" ;)


  • heathens.wav -[93kb] "Heathens to the left of me..."
  • praise.wav - [215kb] "It's a miracle! Lets join hands and pwaise Hestia! pwaise Hestia!"
  • chariot.wav - [99kb] "Well, looks like someone's caught a speeding chariot straight for tarturaus."


  • water.wav-[71kb] "Nothing is as soft as water. Yet who can withstand the raging flood?"
  • fullof.wav- [45kb] "You're so full of anger and hate..."
  • greatness.wav- [41kb] "You don't know it yet Xena, but you're a remarkable woman..."
  • theway.wav-[55kb] "To conquer others is to have power..."
  • wp.wav-[52kb] "You're going to help me run the kingdom of lao..."
  • freedom.wav-[83kb] "Come with me if you wish your freedom."
  • mosquito.wav-[87kb] "Would you kill a mosquito with an axe?"
  • mypiece.wav - [293kb] Xena and Lao Ma "It's my piece of meat you're reaching for." - "You're wrong. I don't eat meat."


  • darkness.wav- [148kb] "I want to tap into the heart of darkness..."
  • destroyer.wav- [51kb] "Then I'll make you...destroyer of nations."
  • faceod.wav- [135kb] "I'll become the face of death itself..."


  • mademe.wav-[132kb] Ming Tien: "You made me Xena..."
  • softhard.wav-[88kb] Ming Tsu: "You are a strange woman Lao Ma..."
  • choices.wav-[97kb}]Cyane: "your choices are simple Xena..."
  • virgin.wav- {95kb] Hestian virgin: "We won't bite...HARD!"
  • tm2dance.wav- [29.3kb] Eponin: "Time to dance princess."
  • dance.wav- [182kb] A part of the Amazon dance song. I love it!
  • argo.wav -[74.9kb] This is a wave of Argo galloping.
  • flattery.wav - [30kb] Aphrodite "Flattery works, keep going."
  • hormones.wav - [107kb] Minya "My hormones are peaking! I'm ready for action. I wanna crack some heads!"
  • chak5.wav - [22kb] Xena's chakram.